New Beginnings

2016….The last year of Obama’s presidency. The inspiration to this blog. In my opinion, Obama wasn’t such a bad guy. Obamacare gave millions of people health insurance who otherwise would not be able to afford it, or be able to obtain it due to previous conditions. His stimulus package created almost 14 million jobs. Unemployment is at an all time low at something like 4 percent. Lets not forget he got Bin Laden, while at the same time getting rid of Bush’s torture policies. He invested more than $90 Billion into renewable energy. This man was trying to do great things, literally facing republican opposition that was willing to shut down the government multiple times in order to get their way, yet he never gave up.

I could go on about why Obama was so great…but there’s no point. It’s been wasted. 2016 was a huge opportunity for our future and it was missed because of division among our people, and a loss of vision by our worlds leaders. It’s as simple as that. We had come so far the past 8 years after 8 failed Bush years…and it seems to be like the world just took a turn for the worst early this past year. When that stupid lady dropped her kid in a Gorilla enclosure…

People will always find a reason to complain when it comes to presidents, it’s just how it is. Sex scandals, faked emails, legislation, things that they did in college, the list goes on. And this time, they were complaining about things that, as far as presidents go, were nowhere near as bad as normal. But I digress. The world is more divided than it may ever have been before (I’m not sure I’m only 25). Instead of a Watergate Scandal, or causing a financial meltdown, we have people claiming our president wasn’t born in the USA…people that think Muslim is a race and that our president is one of them plotting against America…It’s just the world we live in –  Pure Ridiculousness.

It’s not just us. Britain has lost their mind too. They’re leaving the EU. I’m not even entirely sure they knew what they were doing when they voted. Along with Britain there’s Russia, who has so many financial sanctions against them for basically trying to manipulate the world, that they may as well join North Korea in threatening to Nuke everyone for financial aid.  Just within the last week Obama put another sanction on Russia for rigging our election for Trump (Ironic since Hillary did the same thing to Bernie)…making Trump choose between US national security and Russian leadership. It will be interesting to see what Trump does after all his shinanigans.

2016 was a fail on all sorts of levels and we need to move forward. Our leadership needs to take a step back and regroup. Millenials are the future, and this blog is to give us a voice, and get us more involved. We see past things that older generations can’t. Abortion, gay marriage, separation of church and state, global warming, free healthcare, free college, easy legal immigration processes (and not splitting up families in the process), less taxes on the poor, FREE CLEAN WATER TO EVERYONE IN THE WORLD…these are all things that younger generations generally agree on, or will…at a minimum…compromise on without hesitation for a fair valued trade. Younger generations want world peace to be a reality, not some kind of pipe dream that you say as a 5 year old at a beauty pageant. AND IT IS A REALITY!!!! The only thing stopping us is the older generations view of how life should be lived, and how our society should function.

What does this mean for young people? It means that the next 10-15 years will progressively get worse. It means animals will go extinct, sea level rise get worse and be ignored. It means the worlds clean water shortage will become much more noticeable. It means college will cost a million dollars eventually. It means wealth inequality to the extreme.

Our system was rigged by older generations, based on ideologies from even older generations, from even older ones, and so on and so fourth. You know what a typical millenial would say? F the system…that’s right. F the system. Older generations believe in this system, which is literally destroying our country, and the world. We are holding on to history…to outdated ideals that have too many interpretations to be applied in the modern world. Nothing is black and white anymore. With information overload everywhere, there’s no way to apply 200 year old ideals accurately. We will simply argue over interpretation to no end.

Young people understand this. We know that we simply need to think fairly, and logically. It’s probably why we’re so depressed. We see a world that’s going to hell, and we can’t really do anything about it. We believe that if you’re put in charge, one of the requirements of the job is to care about your people. Regardless whether it’s political, or corporate, you’re supposed to care about your people. And we can clearly see that no leadership does. They sacrifice workers, and citizens without hesitation to greater benefit their lives. Just look at the 2008 financial crisis, or even our president elect Donald Trumps business dealings, who was slammed repeatedly during the election for not paying his contractors.

Do you want to know why millenials quit their jobs so often? It’s because our boss’s suck. Instead of trying to nurture us and put us into a “family” type of work environment where we would do anything for them simply out of loyalty…they use scare tactics and basically use our jobs as leverage. They make us feel like we’re pawns. Loyalty in the workplace no longer exists unless you’re in the armed forces. It’s all about the most pay for the least amount of hours. If a better offer comes it’ll be taken in a heartbeat usually.

The world is extremely different than it was 20 years ago, let alone 30, 40,50, or even 60 years ago when our government representatives were growing up. Older generations need to stop acting like their experiences relate to ours. Most of our schools don’t even have recess anymore!  They’d rather drug young children (10 years old, sometimes younger) and say they’re hyper and have ADHD then let them run around a playground for a few hours like a normal kid. Sports programs are disappearing, art programs, music programs, AP classes, even free libraries…all disappearing. To older generations – You have taken control of, and ruined our world, so stop thinking that we’re going to be ok with it, and that life will keep going on forever with no consequences. It’s extremely naive. And from now on, you’re not allowed to tell us that we’re irresponsible and entitled…because you guys torched the lives of probably 3-4 generations (at a minimum) that will spend their lives suffering, and repairing the environmental, and financial mistakes/decisions that you’ve made, are making, and will make based on policy expectations from current world leaders.

2016 represented change. Only time will tell if the change is good, or bad…but until then, we need to look at 2017….new beginnings. Younger generations need to come together in 2017 and stand up for what we know is right. The world isn’t as big as it used to be…not to us. And we have the power to overcome the older generations and take our world back NOW! We can bring control back to the people, how it was always supposed to be. We own enough of the population to control what is right and wrong, and make a real impact on the future. We don’t need to stand back just watching while our world burns. Join me in taking our world back in 2017. Happy New Years!


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