The first rant

Before this blog started, I was using other social media platforms to jot out small tidbits of political frustration toward the end of 2016. This was when I first realized that everyone has a voice, and there are things that need to be talked about which we simply ignore, or filter out. This was my first ever rant on a social media platform, which got a relatively good response from whatever small crowd was listening. And with the start of the new year, I’m hoping to focus this frustration into a meaningful movement of young people getting their hands dirty to get what our future generations deserve.

This was around the time that all of the protests were happening for BLM, Trump etc. The date of this post was November 11th, 2016:

I’m frustrated that my generation is basically being called a bunch of wimps by older white men….millennials have been very clear about what they want as a whole, and the country is ours now. Some of us have kids that in less than 10 years will be going to college, and in the mean time most of us are making less than $1000 a week…before taxes. College is simply out of the question for our children without scholarships. The white boomers (at least from what i’m reading), are saying that we need to stop being so sensitive, and see how it goes. I think that maybe, just maybe….we would stop being so sensitive if we had a choice in our future like you did at our age.

We know what needs to be done, and we generally know how to do it. Why do millennials need to stop being vocal? You taught us to fight for what we want and believe in.

Why do we need to stop complaining? We are watching people who will be dead in the next 20-30 years dictate our futures and try to go back to their image of greatness. Millennials have a completely different image of greatness.

It’s not about just one country anymore – it’s about the entire world coming together and making this a better/cleaner/safer planet to live on. Not about one country being better than all the others. We want everyone IN THE WORLD to have clean water. We want everyone IN THE WORLD to be able to get an education. We want everyone IN THE WORLD to be considered an equal.

Because of how fast the world is moving, and how fast society and technology are advancing….the mindset, and views that people have don’t change as fast as the world. You need to let the people who are growing up in this day and age with the new world ahead take the reigns.

We aren’t babies anymore! Why were all of our candidates 70 years old?! Obama was like 45 or 46 when he got elected, and look how far we came. He was the millennials candidate. Now, our president is a 70 year old rich snob who wants the world to go back to how it was in the 50s. In 2008, Mccain was 71 years old, and we were saying he was too old for the presidency if I remember correctly. The world no longer makes sense to us. We grew up with the values that older generations taught us, and then realized that those values don’t make sense in modern times. Millennials are united….it’s the boomers who are separated.


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