Political Corruption…something that seems to have been in the world since the beginning of time. With our new POTUS elect possibly having more conflict of interests than any other president alive, and Republicans protecting big business running both houses of Congress. I’m not surprise that 2017 has gotten off to a rough start.

In 2008 during the financial crisis there was an office created to oversee that Congress acted ethically…basically trying to prevent corruption by setting up an investigative body. The body was created after a string of serious ethical issues, including bribery allegations against Representatives Duke Cunningham, Republican of California; William J. Jefferson, Democrat of Louisiana; and Bob Ney, Republican of Ohio. All three were ultimately convicted and served time in jail. This office is called The Office Of Congressional Ethics, O.C.E for short.

Why am I bringing this up? On Monday, there was a vote to kill O.C.E. It died a quick death lasting all of 30 seconds. What does this mean? It means that there won’t be anyone to investigate political corruption. They say they’ll look into it internally, but it’s easy to see through. They’ll just take a pay off to not report anything, leading to MORE corruption. It’s an endless circle, a pile of shit. In the entire history of the House Ethics Committee (the in house investigative body), not a single report of corruption has been filed.

They did this without telling ANYONE – The decision  wasn’t made public until practically a day after the vote. Too late to do ANYTHING.

This is the type of stuff younger generations don’t need. THIS is why we’re angry. We have the highest moral standing of any generation, and this is obviously immoral. It’s been proven time and time again. Employers repeatedly report that millennials work for the “why”, not necessarily the “what”. Meaning, instead of having motivation to make billions of dollars ripping up everything in sight, we’d rather work on making the world a better place, doing what we believe makes an impact.

The only really good example I can think of would be lobbying. A lobbyist is someone who represents a group, and tries to persuade the government to enact legislation that benefits their cause. A good chunk of politicians become lobbyist after their political careers, simply because they’re already on the “in”. They get million dollar paychecks, and represent the biggest industries/groups on the planet. Big Pharma, oil, water, the auto industry, weapons, religion. You name it – they represent it. A millennial lobbyist would probably lobby for environmental protection, renewable energy, health reform…whatever they believed in, for any decent livable wage. For some reason anybody over 30 would go with the biggest paycheck, and represent that groups interests. This is a huge stereotype, but everyone who I’ve personally talked to over that age, typically feels that way. No matter the cause, whether they agreed with it or not, they always had a number.

I just wanna throw some of my own numbers at you just so you understand my perspective. These numbers are for ages 23-30, and cover probably around 200 random people in the last 2 years. Some i know, some i’ve met. Also add maybe 100 or 200 facebook friends i stalked for a min or 2…don’t judge me, that’s out of almost 700. – Roughly 3/4 of the women are working with animals, or have at one point since graduating college. Almost everyone has something to do with the arts. Music, photography, writing, film, painting, modeling, making jewelry, designing clothes, whatever. Roughly 1/3 of people have travelled outside the US multiple times, more than half have travelled outside US soil at least once. 3/4 have been to more than 10 states, all of them have travelled further than 100 miles outside of their city. 1/4 of them are married, and around 1/3 of the married couples have kids. Only a handful of these hundreds of people owned homes. Half of them are college educated, and half of that half has a degree in the arts. Half of them speak another language relatively fluently, with a quarter of them having a foreign parent. All of them are uncomfortable with using racist slang terms. Most if not all of them still think they’ll be comfortable financially with a big home and a huge yard, but haven’t entirely figured out a career choice – regardless of their educational and financial background, they have faith it’ll happen for them. About 1/5 of them have families wealthy enough they won’t ever have to work. About 1/4 of them got jobs based on family connections. And only a handful have learned a trade.  The rest work at restaurants, or corporate jobs that they will leave within 6 months to find something more meaningful and less mundane.

These numbers are for people around 30-35 years old that I know personally, and am facebook friends with as well. This covers around 75 people. Half of them own businesses – with all of them being hated by their employees for anger issues (even by their friends who work for them). 1/3 of them are college educated. All of them work around 60-70 hours a week. All of them think purely on a materialistic basis unless they grew up wealthy…in other words the appearance of having money is very important to them. The ones that don’t own their own business soon will – if they aren’t making advances quickly enough in a corporate environment. Half of the business owners in this group have taken over the family business, or entered the same industry. Half of them have foreign parents. All of the single people in this age group still live with their parents, even though they could afford to move out. All the people who got married bought a house within a year, and had kids within 2. All of the business owners have health issues, some relatively serious. All of them seem to go straight to racist stereotypes when it comes to describing people. They’re the last generation to really have lived the Fast Times at Ridgemont High lifestyle. Again, this is just my personal observation.

We think differently, act differently, socialize differently, learn differently…nobody understands us. And no matter how much they try, they never will. In one generation, the way people think has changed so dramatically that the older generations just don’t get it. They don’t realize that any governing system, regardless of application, must change and evolve with it’s people. WE are the change, WE are the evolution. We just have to make them see it.


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