The Two Millennials, and why we’re us.

It’s no secret that childhood forms your outlook on life. Mommy issues, daddy issues, abuse issues etc. I believe I’ve found a correlation between our childhood, and our perception of the world. I’m not sure if this has been researched before, and this is purely an opinionated post – but I believe that I have finally figured out why Millennials and younger, have the personality traits that we do. This is very broad, and probably doesn’t describe EVERY young person, but I believe it comes a step closer to understanding the human evolution that is Millennialism. At the same time I’m hoping to help younger generations see these problems, and overcome them…because they are most definitely faults that need to be recognized.

The first thing we’re going to tackle are our social struggles. We’re known for not really having emotional attachments. We can stop talking to a friend of over 10 years simply because of a Facebook post…I’m sure it happens. We filter things out we don’t want to see, and we don’t put in the effort to meet the opposite sex – we swipe right. The only married people I know met in college. Everyone else goes through relationships and friendships like wildfires, and I think I figured out why.

This number might be a little off, but I read that almost 50% of boomers have gotten divorced since the 1970s, and that only 65% [of marriages beginning in the 1990s] reached their 15th anniversary. Basically most of our parents got divorced while we were at a young age. Because of this, I think we hold less emotional attachments. Although on the flip side, i did read an article stating that Millennials are divorcing at a lower rate than boomers, and getting married less. Waiting until they’re sure perhaps?

The next thing we’re going to tackle is our entitlement. This is more for people born after 1995. I notice that older Millennials (90-93), don’t show this trait as often unless they were spoiled. Older millennials tend to be the middle ground, simply due to the fact they were born before kids stopped playing in the dirt, and started playing video games.

  • For younger millennials, trophies were handed out even if you came in last (nobody born before 1993 experienced this for some reason. I have yet to find anyone my age who has received last place medals, and I personally never received them).
  • They got cell phones at 10 years old (making them think they were important)
  • Parents took care of all their problems instead of letting them fall down and get back up – true for some older millennials as well if I’m honest.
  • There was no military draft or any type of disaster that they saw first hand.

Younger millennials have literally been babied into thinking everything will be taken care of for them, and that problems don’t exist outside their own little click. But this is a parenting mistake, and is not the fault of younger millennials. We can argue that they grew up during the Bush years and saw everything on TV just like older millennials. But I think they were too young to understand what was happening – unless they lived with a family, or in an area that was directly effected.

Someone born in 1995 or 1996 was only 5 years old when 9/11 happened. They don’t remember it. They were also only 10-12 years old during the beginning of the financial crisis in some cases. In my opinion that’s not old enough to understand the devastation.

This brings me to older millennials like myself.

Honestly…we’re the really messed up ones. But we’re the ones that the future depends on. We’re the millennials that have enough motivation to make change. The only ones who actually understand where older generations are coming from. The only ones that look at politics, and want to do something about it. Older millennials have dealt with a ton of shit over our political lifetimes, on top of what is currently happening. Here is our childhood in a nutshell…keep in mind we can remember all of these things first hand – where we were, if we got out of school or not, etc.

  • 2000 – Bush Vs Gore Election
  • 2001 – September 11th, Anthrax attacks, War on terrorism starts
  • 2003 – Space Shuttle Columbia explodes
  • 2004 – Earthquake that registered 9.3 on the Richter scale in Asia…300,000 people died during the tsunami.
  • 2005 – Hurricane Katrina
  • 2008 – Financial Crisis
  • 2009 – Is college possible during the financial crisis?
  • 2010 – BP oil spill

While there were things that I can remember happening prior to this (Princess Diana’s death for example). This timeline basically covers my 10th birthday, to my 20th birthday, which I feel to be the most important years for children to develop into adults. And there’s a big difference between a younger millennial who was 5-15 years old during this timeline, and someone who was 10-20 during this timeline like myself.

Because of technological, and informational advances during the mid 90s. There are 2 types of millennials. Millennials before 1995, and after. While they are considered to be the same generation, childhood was very different. Because of their childhood differences, they have 2 completely different maturity levels, and senses of responsibility.

– This is a typical older millennial, at least everyone i know or meet that’s over 24. You’ll notice this is completely different than someone who is currently 19-20.

  • Older millennials didn’t see major technological advances until almost high school.
  • There were no Ipads or smart phones until college i. There were phones with internet in high school, but not to the extent of 5 years later – almost nobody had one. RIP Nokia Brick
  • We played in the dirt.
  • We played tackle football instead of flag. Bloody noses, broken bones..full nine
  • We kept track of balls and strikes – we got medals for winning, and not losing.
  • We had to actually ask girls out during recess instead of saying “show me your tits” on Facebook.
  • We listen to Bob Dylan, The Beetles, The Stones, Zeppelin, The Who – real music.
  • We know who Biggie and Pac are, and hate all music made after 2009.
  • We know what Fast Times At Ridgemont High is.
  • We know what Wayne’s World is, and jam out way too hard when Bohemian Rhapsody comes on…and we know it was a Queen song…
  • We know who fought who, in all the Wars between 1914 and 2000, without having to look at google.
  • We actually know geography. And realize that Africa is a continent…not a country.
  • We remember how annoying it was to write in cursive.
  • We know how much dial up sucked.
  • We remember fax machines and cassette players.
  • We know what Chernobyl is, we know what the Kursk was, we know what the Soviet Union was, we know what the KGB was, and we think Putin is a tool.
  • We know why we dropped the Nukes on Japan…not just that we did.
  • We know that nothing is handed to you (but we still believe we can do anything we want).
  • We can identify politicians effortlessly. Younger millennials cannot – even current political science majors (remember…a  current Sophomore in college is just 6-7 years younger than the oldest millennial)
  • We know what the civil war was about. We know who fought, and who won…without googling it (for that to even be a thing is pathetic). We also know what the Emancipation Proclamation is, and who the president was….ask a typical college student that right now and they have no idea. (Again pathetic)
  • We know what the holocaust was.
  • We remember the first Survivor which shaped TV today.
  • The list goes on…

There are people who believe god will save us, or that Jesus will make a comeback like he did on Family Guy. This isn’t the case. The world will burn unless younger generations stay informed, and educated. They need to understand the consequences of their non-actions.

Older millennials have been tasked with the job of facilitating the societal hand off between Boomers and Gen Z. Whether we see it or not, we’re the only age group that has an understanding of both generational views, and it’s our job to bridge the gap to make sure human evolution doesn’t cause us to implode.

I hope you’ll join me in this fight to bring our youth together…to prevent global catastrophes caused by laziness and negligence. Spread the word!


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