Today, we watched Donald Trumps first press conference…it wasn’t pretty. Jim Acosta, CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent, was not allowed to ask questions. Trump accused him of being fake news, and openly said he wouldn’t get any questions…that’s scary.

This has been a huge thing as of late – accusing main stream media of being fake news. People have been saying things like “MSM is fake”, “MSM is controlled by the rich”, blah blah blah. Well DUH. Obviously MSM is controlled by the rich. I would even agree to an extent that we’re shown things that force us to form an opinion on certain issues, to help the agenda of the rich…I can understand those claims.

Here’s the issue. The people making these claims, are only considering the liberal side of MSM…to actually be MSM. They don’t consider Fox to be MSM, which is a huge issue. Fox is the one hammering the MSM, even though it includes themselves, and people aren’t seeing that.

If Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Bill O’ Reilly aren’t considered to be main stream, politically motivated media…then you can’t say that Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, and Chris Hayes are.

The other day, Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) was repealed. It’s very sad to see, and over 20 million people have been able to get health insurance with pre existing conditions. They will have their insurance until the end of 2017 I think, but after that…who knows.

When Obamacare was repealed, a huge number of people – mostly uneducated, lower, white working class families – starting cheering, and applauding the republican controlled houses. However, everyone else (that doesn’t make 6-7 figures) thought this was a nightmare. The two sides started arguing…and they went something like this.


Lower Income families in the Midwest – YES OBAMACARE IS GONE! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! KICK THEM MUSLIMS OUT WOOHOO – I’m not going to lose any insurance what are you talking about you liberal fool?! I’m covered by the Affordable Care Act, NOT OBAMACARE!! HAHAHAHA.

And then it dawned on us…

These people really are…that stupid. These lower income families in the midwest who always vote republican for some reason…literally did not know that Obamacare, and the ACA, were the same thing. We didn’t realize that we were dealing with people so stupid, and so uneducated, that they may as well just put a wall around there own states. It would save the tax payers some money, and liberals may actually agree to it.

Looking back, we should have known. We dismissed Donald Trump when he said Obama was born in Kenya. We figured it was just a stunt, “for show” if you will. We wrote off the fact that Hillary’s emails were a big deal to them for TWO YEARS – with no other accusation, no findings…nothing. IT’S STILL CONTINUING.

These people – The small fraction that believed all these ridiculous accusations, with no basis, had an equal say in this election. The conservatives concentrated on electoral votes, realizing that the coasts (where all the people are) were never going to agree with their ideology. They spent 8 years hammering away with ridiculous statements, preying on stupidity, in the places that keep electing them. Dems on the other hand, maintained their faith in humanity, thinking that people couldn’t possibly be this stupid and naive. They were right to a point…they won the popular vote by a very, very, very large margin. Millions in fact. But they forgot about the white working class. Hillary was never going to win them over…That’s why we needed Bernie but that’s a different story.

Trump is the one who started everything, and that’s why he’s POTUS. He made the birth certificate accusations. He made the emails a big deal. He’s the one accusing MSM. He is literally the face, and voice…of stupidity in America. And they won. The movie Idiocracy, is believed to be a real outcome now.

Do you know what the problem is? It’s not that Donald Trump will only answer questions to Republican controlled news stations. It’s not that he’s fired every civil servant with no political bias, and replaced them with loyalists. It’s not that he’ll probably be the cause of a civil war type of event, or worse. It’s not that the entire world views us as joke now, or that world leaders have no idea how to interact with a man this raunchy. It’s also not the fact that we’re getting rid of health clinics nationwide, or that we’re ruining our public school systems, or even that he’s going to ruin our environment beyond repair.

The problem is that all the kids that are roughly 8-10 years old…are watching this. They’re watching a man that bullied his way to the top, and continues to do so. They’re watching a man who has serious control, and power issues…take office with no experience at all.

In my previous post I wrote about how I thought that between the ages of 10-20 you learn the most, and form most of your views on life. The experiences you have between these ages, are what shapes your future self the most. At least in my view.

Taking this logic, and applying it to a kid who is 10 years old today…means bad things. They’re going to think taking things by force is the way to go. They will start to think that muslims are evil, or that every immigrant that’s not white is a felon. They will stereotype the world just as Trump has. Every time they open a computer, tablet, or phone…it’ll be there. Almost like North Korean propaganda.

I’m sure there are kids that won’t view thing this way. There will definitely be more kids agreeing with the liberal side of things, simply because liberals have more people in this country right now. But for the kids who are being born on the low side of the education gap in republican controlled states…they’re fucked. I’d like to use another word but there isn’t one that describes the level of failure I’m expecting from them.

In the past week I’ve talked specifically to conservative, white, lower class, younger millennials in Florida, Texas, Arkansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Idaho, Georgia, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. They all wanted Trump. Just talking to them was hard for me. They literally couldn’t put 2 and 2 together. They’re views were filled with contradictions…I mean – Just look at this! I’m not making any of this up.

  • None of them knew Obamacare and ACA were the same thing, even though they depended on it for healthcare. Some of them actually got really worried after finding out, even though it was the only reason they hated Obama.
  • None of them could give me a single political policy of any candidate…yet claimed to watch the news every night.
  • None of them had a college education, and claim it’s too expensive…yet say that privatizing schools is a good thing so the government can’t hold them back.
  • Half of them are on food stamps, or welfare…yet consider people who get government aid to be a “moocher” as they so eloquently put it (that was the word they all used).
  • Most of them have had to deal with various STD outbreaks in the past. A lot of it was Heroin use, but I was told Herpes was common by all of them. None of them had access to free birth control methods, or std checks…at least in the general area. When I told them what planned parenthood was, without using the name “planned parenthood”, they wished it was everywhere – When I asked them what planned parenthood was, they said it was a place to get abortions, and that they wanted it shut down.
  • When I asked about global warming, they said it was real and that something desperately needs to get done. When I used the words “renewable energy”, they were against it because they thought it was ruining the economy, and killing american factory jobs. I asked them what their solution was, and they said they didn’t know.
  • When I asked them about their religion…they usually recognized themselves as good, old fashioned christians. When I asked what the difference between the old and new testaments were, they didn’t know.

At this point, I usually got yelled at in Trump fashion…being accused of acting condescending while explaining each logical flaw of theirs. Even after I exposed each contradiction, they held on to their beliefs regardless whether they could answer a question or not. They believed, what they believed.

My point is this –

We need to speak MLK style. We need to protest, stay informed, and make it impossible for Trumps people to ignore. We can’t resort to violence or destruction because they’ll use it against us in the media…and it’ll be worse. We need to stand in the street, block traffic in all the cities, go on strike at billion dollar corporations. If we do this, the other side won’t have a choice other then to listen. The numbers will be too high. There’s more informed people, than uninformed people. If the informed people shout out, and don’t go away, then the uninformed people will seek to gain information about why they’re doing this. When they do, they will learn that we’re all on the same side. The people control the media with our actions, we just have to be specific in how we use it.


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