Millenial Rants is about giving our generation, and future generations a voice. The world is a rough place, and it’s my belief (along with millions of other young Americans) that the world should be a place where everyone get a fair shot to succeed, and to be the best that they can be. To find what drives them, what motivates them, and what their passion in life is.

Everyone in the world who is classified as a millenial or younger should get a fair shot to live on this planet without worrying about where their water is coming from, or where their food is coming from. We shouldn’t have to worry about global warming and all the global disasters associated with that. But unfortunately, we do…and it’s not our fault…not by a long shot. Corporate companies…and government officials knowingly hurt the planet and the people to make money, and control resources for their own personal gains. My generation, and our children…at least in my opinion…don’t think like this, and we want everyone IN THE WORLD to be treated equally and with respect. This blog is to give us a voice…we need to speak up, and there are enough of us now to do just that.